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Durable and Attractive Nesting Measuring Cups Set of 6:1/4,1/3,1/2,2/3,3/4, 1 Cup. Measures in mls for Liquid Ingredients. Easy to Read Engraved Sizes in Both ‘cups’ and ‘mls’

Great Design Made to Nest One Piece Inside the Other. Manufactured from One Piece Ensures that Handles will Never Break Off. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel So No Bending or Rusting Hygienic and FDA Approved.

Bonus FREEeBook Included Packed with 25 Delicious Recipes So You Can Start Using Your Measuring Cups Immediately!

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  1. I like that fact that they are stainless steel – they won’t melt when my husband uses them to put popcorn or oil in the whirley pop when it is hot on the stove. You would not believe how many of mine he has melted the sides of the measuring cups because he doesn’t pay attention that he is using a plastic measuring cup and laying it on a hot pot.

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